The Snow Queen

She was very fine and beautiful, but made of ice, of blinding, twinkling ice, and yet she was alive; her eyes stared like two  bright stars, although there was no calmness or rest in them.

The Snow Queen was provided online over several dates in December 2020.

Join us on a journey to the icy North to create an array of snow inspired art. Exploring the spellbinding geometry of snowflakes and the Snow Queen’s beautiful face, we will draw and paint while listening to the timeless story of little Gerda’s heroic efforts to save her friend Kai from the magic of the Snow Queen.

ArtStory workshops combine visual art and storytelling to engage children in a range of techniques of drawing and painting, while listening to stories from around the world. Led by a professional artist and educator Edina Husanovic, the children learn how to apply drawing and painting techniques to create unique artworks, while also discovering mythology and history of cultures from around the world.