The Girl-bird of Golden Feathers

This week we are listening to a Turkish Ottoman tale “The Girl-bird of Golden Feathers” and drawing birds. ArtStory classes combine visual art and storytelling to engage children  (5-10 year olds) in a range of techniques of drawing and painting, while listening to stories from around the world. All welcome.

Chinese Dragon

I really enjoyed the class this week. Listening to the story of Chang and emperor Wu we painted glimmering gold, ruby red and jade green dragons. A pearl white dragon may have flown out of our paintings…We will paint it another time.

This is what a parent wrote this week:   “This is so much fun! I know my kid can really draw, so I am not surprised any more when she does some art work, but I am surprised how this is a discovery for myself, cause if you told me in the morning I would paint a decent looking dragon, I wouldn’t believe it ? So, this is a cool thing you made us do Edina, thanks a lot ?”

So glad our colourful paints, the amazing story from ancient China and all of us coming together to draw and paints can brighten up and warm up a gloomy winter.

The Dragon Painter

This week, beginning with 11th January 2021, we will travel to ancient China to listen to the tale “The Dragon Painter”,  and learn how to draw and paint dragons!

The Flowers of Winter

Here are some of the artworks from the last week class, from the story “The Flowers of Winter” about the Greek myth of Persephone and the transformation from winter to summer. We had young artists from Brighton, Bath and Miami.

The Flowers of Winter

Tomorrow, 4th Jan, we start our first class of the new year! “The Flowers of Winter” is a tale of Persephone, the ancient Greek myth of the transformation of nature. Join us this week, and for the next six weeks, as we behold the deepest of winter with our stories and paints of transformation. (for class times and bookings)

Tales of Transformation will lead us through the deepest wintertime on imaginary journeys from Asia Minor, to India and Africa to tell the stories of transformation and hope. Children will learn the techniques of drawing faces, human and animal figures, and exploring paint and colour.

Magical Christmas

We had a great session with Miami, London and Ljubljana calling in yesterday. We listened to the story about a family of spiders creating Christmas tinsel and had lots of fun drawing and painting.

Art with Arno, online classes

Art classes for 5-10 year olds. Thursdays at 2 pm via Zoom, from April 2020.

Lizard Arno is a character in a story I am writing and illustrating, about a boy who turns into a lizard on an enchanted island in Croatia

A boy-lizard called Arno takes us through stories of spring and transformation, starting with “Thumbelina”, and continuing with the story of Odysseus and Circe, and others, as you can see below.