Participants of Art with Arno workshops 2020 commented:

“Thank you very much, it’s been such a beautiful experience for the kids and the grown-up too”

“Now I realise how much my child enjoys me enjoying myself. Also I used to love art pre-GCSE but chose to do an extra language in lieu. I then lost all my confidence & I realised I’ve never done much art with T ‘because I’m no good’. T tends to take the same stance & not attempt things he’s not immediately good at. However his critique of my pics has improved as my attempts have got better & with that his own confidence to learn, try, make mistakes & just enjoy the process”

“I had so much fun doing it with girls!”

On my work:

“You have enchanted us in our retreat with your wonderfully charming, loving and strong charisma. You seem incredibly grounded and connected to you and the universe, which is why I perceived you as a very authentic teacher. Your way of combining theory and art and integrating places in nature have inspired me. Forgotten painting, which I lastly did during my school years many years ago, was very meditative and relaxing.

Finding the right mandala by chance was fun because it suited my personality. I enjoyed celebrating simple things and then seeing the profundity behind them. All in all, I like the concept of conversation, activity, art and nature and insights into your house and the world of Hvar. I wish you all the best and hope you stay the way you are.”

Romina Thieben, workshop participant

“I had the privilege to participate in workshops Edina was offering in Croatia. The communities she was offering workshops to and within embraced her offerings and enjoyed the benefits. The focus and smiles on the faces of the people of all ages participating in the multi-media creative projects she was running said it all.

As the Subject Leader of Choreography at London Studio College, I run modules for students in Dance Theatre studies. I invited Edina in as a guest lecturer and observed the group get drawn into Edina’s delivery, as she offered a session on practice-based research. Edina’s intelligence and wit along with her kind demeanor enabled the students to see the links between theory, analysis and creative practice. She also successfully tended to the variety of learning styles within the student body.

Now, weekly my son and I participate as students in Edina’s Art with Arno sessions. Even remotely via online platforms, Edina’s calm and clarity reach us and transform the atmosphere. Learning is gentle and supported and each session we both come away feeling accomplished and with new skills in drawing and painting. “

Yael Lowenstein, Dance Lecturer, 2020

“Edina worked for me between 2004 and 2007 at London College of Fashion as an associate lecturer and as a tutor for international students attending the institution. Throughout that period she impressed with me with her open approach to both staff and students and her passion for communication with a diverse range of cultures and situations.

Edina has a rare combination of excellent interpersonal skills along with an intellect that can grasp ideas quickly. She was a member of staff I knew I could rely on to respond both quickly and effectively to new challenges as well as inspiring students to stretch themselves.

The students responded very well to her and her ability to easily relate to those from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds was a key part of this. As well as being strongly empathic she also demonstrated clear leadership skills and is confident at speaking out and arguing her position effectively”

Jo Pickering, Research Tutor, Critical & Historical Studies, Royal College of Art

“From a manager’s point of view, having someone like Edina in one’s team is invaluable. She is undoubtedly task-orientated, but she does confer with others on requirements and ideas, and something I value greatly – she  skillfully recruits other people to the task. Edina is also exceptionally intelligent and discerning, and these are powerful competencies that she applies both to operational and creative challenges. “

John Rathbone Taylor, Operations Manager, Simunye Intercultural Arts

On my performances:

“I love watching Edina perform – her capacity to weave together global politics, comedy, feminism, dance and song is amazing. Orientalists will be disoriented and Disorientalists reoriented. Her mystical eyes are full of irony so beware!”

Louise Jolly, Semiotician, 2013