Tales of Transformation


Art and storytelling online classes for 5-10 year olds, March to April 2021.

Tales of Transformation will take us on imaginary journeys from Asia Minor, to India and Africa, as we greet the coming of spring with tales of rebirth and transformation. Children will learn the techniques of drawing faces, spring flowers, human and animal figures, and exploring paint and colour.

ArtStory classes combine visual art and storytelling to engage children in a range of techniques of drawing and painting, while listening to stories from around the world.

My child gets so into exploring the paint and he was really listening to the stories today too.

My child really enjoys them. Especially the narrative. We read and watched the Odysseus story and she discovered mythology!

It’s been such a beautiful experience for the kids and the grown-up too.

It’s been a highlight of the lockdown.

They will also learn about the ancient heroic tales of challenges and transformation from around the world, such as Oddyseus, Ishtar, Circe, The Little Mermaid, Ganesh, Anansi, Thumbelina, Aladdin and many others.

Led by a professional artist and educator Edina Husanovic, the children learn how to apply drawing and painting techniques to create unique artworks, while also discovering mythology and history of cultures from around the world.

£36 for 6 classes, drop-in £7 per session. Please pay with Paypal to meda_eda@yahoo.co.uk, or alternatively for bank details contact me direct on this email.

Classes start 2nd March 2021 and are available at following times:

5pm GMT Tuesday

4pm GMT Sunday

To book your place, please email meda_eda@yahoo.co.uk